Vevendoo | Video Site Inspection
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Video Site Inspection

Modern form of venue presentation

A service addressed to venues that wish to increase the chances of their object gaining the interest of organizers chronically lacking time for site inspections.

It is obvious, that the proper presentation of the venue is a key element of the offer. We also know from experience, that events organizers are chronically lacking time for a visit to the venue. In such cases, the decision on the selection of a venue for an event is made on the basis of previously known locations. VIDEO SITE INSPECTION is the answer to this problem. We are offering our clients the preparation of professional multimedia material, which will enable the event organizers to get thoroughly acquainted with the venue. Thanks to the new technology and the perfectly prepared scenarios, Video Site Inspection faithfully represents the hotel’s offer and the solutions employed at the given venue (driveway, lobby, restaurants, conference rooms along with equipment, power supply connections, ramp, traffic routes etc.), which enables the event organizer to make quick and correct decisions. Thanks to VSI the event organizers do not have to personally visit the given venue to ensure that it is the perfect location for their planned event.


Please contact us and we will present you with the details of the offer.

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