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See how you compare against the competition

Detailed study of trends and the competitive environment

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Making correct decisions is a crucial skill of every manager, which is why we have created a tool to support the decision-making process. This tool, based on detailed market data and precise analysis of the competition, is a unique offer on the Polish market.
MICEbench allows you to compare the event offer of your venue with the selected competing venues. A report is prepared on the basis of actual data obtained from real requests sent by event organizers through the system.
The following data shall be subjected to comparative analysis:
• Total Offer Value
• Income per guest
• Income per room
• Income per square meter
• Request response time
• Amount of the earnest deposit
• Amount of the advance payment
• Payment deadline after the event
• Room price
• Conference room price per square meter
• Coffee break price
• Lunch price
• Dinner price

Please contact us and we will present you with the details of the offer.

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