Vevendoo | For conference and event venues
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For conference and event venues


The first platform for the purchase of conference and event services in Poland. presents an offer of carefully selected venues, which allows for their effective promotion. The general offer of the venue is presented in a detailed and logical manner, so that the organizers can easily find the information they seek and send a request for quotation to a venue that meets their search criteria. This way they obtain a new sales channel, and thus the ability to attract new clients, which they usually wouldn’t be able to reach due to time constraints or lack of resources.


Making correct decisions is a crucial skill of every manager, which is why we have created a tool to support the decision-making process. This tool, based on detailed market data and precise analysis of the competition, is a unique offer on the Polish market.

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Video site Inspection

We are offering our clients the preparation of professional multimedia material, which will enable the event organizers to get thoroughly acquainted with the venue. Thanks to the new technology and the perfectly prepared scenarios, Video Site Inspection faithfully represents the hotel’s offer and the solutions employed at the given venue, which enables the event organizer to make quick and correct decisions.

Floor plan pro

The professional presentation of conference halls and rooms in the venue is an absolute necessity in today’s event marketing. That is why we want to meet the needs of the venues and the expectations of the event organizers. Floor Plan Pro are professionally designed and prepared plans containing, i.a., accurate dimensions, a description of the possible use of ceiling suspensions, power supply connections, specifications of the built-in equipment, traffic routes and a lot of other information, necessary for the production of an event.



The success of each organization lies in well prepared and motivated teams of employees. That is why we support our partners in the training and development of professional personnel at all levels of organization. The quality of the training is ensured by the best industry experts with many years of training experience.


There are moments in the life of every organization, when a fresh and objective look from the outside is necessary. It should be followed by rational analysis and formulation of recommendations for further development. Therefore, in order to meet the expectations of our clients, we are offering professional audits of hotels along with strategic analysis and the identification of potential areas for development. The consulting services are provided by qualified consultants with many years of experience in the industry.



Conventica is a complete product composed of two parts: a mobile app and an Event Manager Panel that allows you to communicate with all the attendees, gather useful feedback, and encourage the participants to make more new business contacts than ever before. The mobile app is a powerful marketing instrument in service of an event venue – it helps users to navigate (thanks to Locations, Schedule and Speakers modules), meet new people (with all Social functions) and makes them more engaged into the event.